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小森 [\ n] Life [\ n] the resources of the island are very rich, and we are free to explore. So how do you team up to 小森 Life Island? Many players are not very clear, special editor for everyone to sort out the relevant content to share, hurry to understand it! [\ n] how to form a team on the island of 小森 life [\ n] first of all, the island can only go to the island on its own, and it is impossible to form a team. When our level is upgraded to level 36, we will unlock the feeder tasks corresponding to the island, and after completing these feeder tasks, we can unlock them and go to the island. [\ n] it is best to prepare some resistant clothes before going to the island to prevent accidents at sea, and wild cooking pots cannot be used on the island. [\ n] it takes a lot of fatigue to come down to the island at a time. Generally speaking, when you come back from the sea, you can only eat in a restaurant, and then go home to sleep directly. Every time you go to the island, you have to consciously catch more sardines, and 150 houses are needed to upgrade the house behind. [\ n] the above is the strategy of how to form a team on the island of 小森 life brought by the editor today. If you want to know more popular games, please pay more attention to the special software station.



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